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the diabetic foot...

Many complications can be associated with diabetes. Diabetes disrupts the vascular system, affecting many areas of the body such as the eyes, kidneys, legs, and feet. More than 25% of all diabetic hospitalizations are foot related, and more than 72,000 amputations each year are the result of poor diabetic foot health. Prevention of diabetic foot problems involves a combination of the following factors. 

    * Good diabetes control

    * Regular leg and foot self-examinations

    * Knowledge on how to recognize problems

    * Choosing proper footwear

    * Regular exercise, if able

    * Avoiding injury by keeping footpaths clear

your rights...

In June of 1993, Congress passed the Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Bill, helping
thousands of persons with diabetes obtain protective footwear and inserts. This preventative measure, is renewable every year and covers the patient for one pair of therapeutic shoes and 3 pairs of multi-density inserts each year.

getting your shoes...

1) Get a Prescription and Certificate of Medical Necessity (CMN) from your Physician.

2) Contact your local Community Wellness Center and set up an appointment for a custom shoe fitting.

3) Bring Insurance information, Prescription, and CMN to your fitting appointment.

4) A CWC associate will contact you when shoes are in and set up an appointment to get your Diabetic Shoes.

5) Community Wellness Centers will handle all medical billing at no charge.


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